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breast-plate of round elk shin-bones and flattened
out and dropped down into his fire-bag. But the
blow of the bullet against his chest caused blood to
come out of his mouth for several hours.

After we got out of this predicament we trav-
elled till late that night, and then we stopped
and slept all of the next day. The next morning
our men went out and killed some antelope, and
we had our first good meal since we left home.

But while we were eating White Dog said:
'Hurry up; we are not the only people around this
district/ Sensing that something was wrong, the
braves struck camp and we resumed our journey
eastward across the plains,

We had gone about a half-mile when we crossed
the bed of a dry creek, A ridge crossed the creek
at this point. White Dog was riding at the head
of our party with two others,, Thunder Face, a
scout; and Chief Going SouL As they came to
the top of the ridge, we saw White Dog signal to
his two companions to stand back while he peered
over the ridge alone. As soon as White Dog
looked over the ridge he jerked himself back
quickly and said something to the other two, and
they waved their blankets at us, crossways, signal-
ling that something was ahead of us. Then they
came down and tied their ponies at the bottom of
the dry creek, which was a signal for us to do
likewise. After tying their ponies our men went